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Fingerprinting For Childcare Employees

Childcare Employees Fingerprints

Scottsdale Fingerprinting Services provides fingerprinting services for Childcare Employees.  Call us or fill out the form to schedule your quick and easy fingerprinting service.  We also uses live scan technology to capture fingerprints quickly and accurately. Live Scan systems digitally record the fingerprints from a scanner and then print them out on the applicants fingerprint card. This process is replacing the old ink process still used by many fingerprinting companies.

How To Get Childcare Employees Fingerprinting

We provide fingerprinting daily from 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m and are located on 90th St. just north of Via Linda in the Ajo Al’s Strip mall inside the Spy Shop.  We are directly across the street from Wendy’s.  Give us a call at 480-704-3318 to get started.

We use an FBI approved live scan system that is certified to the highest of standards. Using live scan has many benefits from the old ink style printing which includes quicker scanning time & capturing more accurate fingerprints which reduces the likelihood of a rejection of the applicants fingerprint card by the state due to bad prints.

What To Bring For Your Fingerprinting:

1. An identification verification sheet or a form that says we verified your ID (varies from agency to agency)

2. A background packet or application form

3. Special fingerprint cards to put your prints on to (we use a standard FD-258 card)

4. A money order or cashier’s check

There are many different kinds of reasons why you may be doing your fingerprints and not every process is the same.  These processes also change frequently and these changes are not made aware to us.  To reduce the potential for lost time and frustration, be sure to consult the agency you are submitting your prints to in order to find out what items and procedures need to be completed in order for you to submit your prints.

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